Sandiacre, Derbyshire

The Sandiacre branch of the family, which adopted the spelling Cockayne, was initiated by Nathaniel Cockayne, son of Francis Cokayne (1614-1681) of Chaddesden and Elizabeth Slack.  Nathaniel was born around 1655 in Chaddesden and married Elizabeth Nixon of Sandiacre in July 1675.

We are currently working on a Sandiacre family tree, but there are significant gaps in our understanding: for example, there are Sandiacre born Cockaynes in the censuses that we are currently unable to fit into the tree.  However, we have included information from the St. Giles parish register in our database

We include a main pedigree (Sandiacre Main Stemma), which originates with Nathaniel (1655), and a short unconnected pedigree originating with John (c. 1802) and Dorothy (1798).  We would welcome any additional information or corrections. Our thanks go to a member of the DFHS for help in providing interpretation of the Sandiacre records and another family member.   

A profile of the modern Sandiacre is availbale on the Ilkcam website and offers insight into the history of the town.  The textile industry was of particular note as early as 1841 and successive generations of Sandiacre Cockaynes were employed in the lace making industry through to at least 1891.  The growth of the railways also affected employment opportunities and several Cockaynes worked as labourers associated with Midland Railway.