Distribution of the Cokayne or Cockayne Family

From 12th century beginnings in Derbyshire and possible Essex, the Cokayne family has spread to many other parts of England, into Wales and abroad.  Much of the early spread was probably mainly due to land aquisition either directly or through marriage, but later spread has been influenced by job opportunities, especially in relation to industrial development and the lure of the 'new world'.

Whilst parish records can reveal much about where people lived and when they moved around, extracting this information takes time.  Census returns provide an easier opportunity to track the locations of family members, but of course this record is relatively recent.


1901 England & Wales

A search of the 1901 census reveals that there were just 25 Cokayne heads of family (male and female).  Twelve were living in Derbyshire, with 10 born there, one born in Nottingham and one in Staffordshire.  Seven families were living in the London/Middlesex/Kent area, of which 6 heads of families were born in that area and one in Derbyshire.  Single families were living in Nottinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Staffordshire, Birmingham, Lancashire and Sussex.

Many more families with the Cockayne name were recorded in the census.  Surprisingly, 30 families were living in Staffordshire, of which 28 heads were born there and two were born in Derbyshire.  Twenty-seven families were living in Derbsyhire, with two heads born in Nottinghamshire and the rest in Derbyshire.  Between 5 and 10 families were living in Nottinghamshire (10), Yorkshire (10), Lancashire (8), Cheshire (7) and London/Middlesex/Kent (7).  Only two families were living in Bedfordhire and only four in Northants.  A few families lived elsewhere in England, in Monmouthshire and the Isle of Man.

Three Cockain families were living in Leicestershire, originating from Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, while a single Cockaine family was living in Staffs and a single Cockyne family was in Yorkshire.

1880 USA

A total of 76 Cockayne or Cokaynes were living in the USA in 1880, but none were recorded in the 1881 Canada census.  The 76 individuals were distributed in 19 families, of which the heads of 5 were born in England and the rest in the USA.  Seven of the USA born heads of family were from West Virginia/Virginia and the remaining seven were born in Indiana. 

Seven families were living in Indiana, four in West Virginia and the rest were in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut (2), Iowa (2) and New York.