The church of St. Mary at Chaddesden, Derbyshire

A comprehensive history of the Church of St. Mary, Chaddesden is found in Cholerton 1997.

The following graves were present in the church yard in 1985 (P. Cholerton pers comm) - all images date from 2006:

On the south side of the church:

Francis Cokayne, died 15th August 1785 aged 58, and his wife Mary, died 14th Spetember 1813 aged 78

John Cokayne [52KB], son of Francis and Mary Cokayne, died 29th January 1823 aged 60 years

Sarah Cockayne [52KB], died 12th September 1841 aged 67 years

Francis Cokayne, died 29th April 1836 aged 80 years

Jesse Cokayne [75 KB], at rest 1st March 1901 aged 50 years, and his wife Mary, at rest 23rd June 1930 aged 82 years (picture below)

William Cokayne, at rest 8th December 1933 aged 55 years, and his wife Ann, at rest 1st July 1959 aged 79

Arthur Cockayne [65 KB], died 3rd February 1967 aged 35 years, a dear husband and father, a dear son and brother

On the north side of the church:

William Cokayne [64 KB], at rest 20th January 1907 aged 59 years, dear husband

Thomas Cokayne [64 KB], at rest 29th November 1917 in his 60th year, beloved husband of Clara