Emmigration: Cockayne Families in the USA

In the Geography section we summarise data from the 1880 USA census, which reveals a number of Cockayne families established in different states. Most of these families were headed by 1st or later generation Americans, but 4 families were headed by English born immigrants, showing that the origins of todays American Cockayne families were from different immigration events.

Seven of the USA born heads of family were from West Virginia/Virginia and the remaining seven were born in Indiana, which possibly indicates two main founder events for the longer established famlies. In 1880, most families were living in Indiana and West Virginia, with a few scattered families present in Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Iowa, Missouri and New York.

West Virginia

A website dedicated to one of the American Cockayne families provides a really good insight into the story of pioneers:

Cockayne Historic Preservation Project 

This story starts with a 17th century Samuel Cockayne from Yorkshire and traces the fortunes of part of his family in Glen Dale, Marshall County, West Virginia. From these beginnings, members of the family moved and established families in Iowa, Ohio and Missouri. At least a third of all Cockaynes in the USA in 1880 could have orgins in this family. As yet, we are unable to link this family into the main Cokayne pedigree.

We present a pedigree of the Cockayne family of Marshall County, West Virginia (jpeg file; 750 KB). This has been created using a number of sources, but we would especially like to thank Mrs J Weaver and the Cockayne Historic Preservation Committee for generously allowing us to use their data. If you have more information about any of the people show in this pedigree then please contact us.

19th Century Emmigration from England

Possible origins of families in the 1880 USA census with heads born in England:

 Head Place of birthFathers place of birth 1880 location Depart dates 
William Cockayne, b. 1844Woodhouse, Yorkshire, England England  Illinois1871-1873
Joseph T Cockayne, b. 1818 EnglandEngland Pennsylvania 
Charles Cockayne, b. 1840  Sheffield, EnglandSheffield, England  Connecticut1867-1872
J (James?) T Cockayne, b. 1830 (Sheffield?), England (Sheffield?), England New York  (1850?)

We have collated some information for Cockayne families in Sheffield, and Yorkshire more broadly, but there are many gaps in our knowledge and so we are still working towards being able to present pedigrees for this area. In time we hope to be able to provide more context for the families that emmigrated to the USA.